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In Loving Memory of Harvey Snyder

We just recently found out that one of our alumni (1938-1942) recently passed away late February of this year.

Harvey Snyder was 85 years young when he was called to play in the Heavenly Band.

Harvey's love to play music alowwed him to play with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  He was interviewed by the Stanford Seagle for his French Horn playing.  He also played in the Army Corp Band as well as the Army Bugle Band while serving his country.

Harvey played trumpet, French horn, E-flat Alto horn, Accordion, Coronet, and some piano and drums.

He played with the Lehighton Men's Band and the Coaldale Victory Band, with which he went to Las Vegas to play at conventions.  He also played with the Allentown Pioneer Band, Mahoning Variety Band, Palmerton and Parryville Bands.  He played with a few of them at the same time, juggling his schedule in order to do so.

He loved music so much, he taught trumpet to youngsters, passing along what he had been taught.  He also played solos, duets, and trios in church for special services.  He was remembered for going from cemetery to cemetery on Memorial Day, where the band would play for the memorial services.  He took great pride playing for his fellow service personnel.

A week before he passed away, he read about the 100 year anniversary of the Boys and Girls Band and was fond of telling everyone that is where his love of music began.

It is with great sadness that we report on the passing of Harvey Snyder.  We only hope that we can continue to instill the love and passion of music into our youth as much as was shown by Harvey Snyder through his actions and words.

Rest in Peace, Harvey, and may all your notes be true and pleasing to those that may hear them still.