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...providing quality, low cost, private and ensemble musical instruction
to Lehighton and surrounding communities since 1910.


Interesting bits and pieces of news involving the Lehighton Boys and Girls Band and what we are doing in the community.

Top Stories

  • 06/06/09 - Band Helps Dedicate Community Pool
    The Boy's and Girl's Band asked to perform at pool dedication.
      The local paper, "The Times News", published a great article on the dedication of the pool at which the Lehighton Boy's and Girl's Band was asked to perform.

  • 05/30/09 - Memorial Day Service Performance
    The Boy's and Girl's Band executes a great performance.
      The Band came out once again to march in the Memorial Day Parade and perform at the Lehighton Memorial Day service for our fallen service men and women.

  • 03/04/09 - Committee for 2009 Picnic
    It time to start planning for this year's picnic.
      The Picnic Committee suggested to the Board that they run the picnic a little differently than was done in the past.  Since it is difficult to get enough volunteers to run the games, the committee suggested that we have more musical performances, and less games.  They are currently looking for artists to perform at this year's picnic.  They ask that anyone interested in helping at the picnic this year, either as a performer, or as a volunteer, to please contact any one of the Board members.   Everyone is looking forward to a wonderful picnic - hope for sunshine!

  • 01/31/09 - "Be An Angel" Campaign
    The "Be An Angel" campaign ends successfully.
      The Boys and Girls band participated in Morning Call's "Be An Angel" fundraising campaign.  During this campaign, the Band received donations totaling $665.  We extend our sincerely thanks to the following contributors to this beneficial campaign.
      - Stephen Clendenning, one year's worth of lessons for a financially challenged student. ($300 value)
      - Drew and Anne Yenser, half year's worth of lessons for a financially challenged student. ($165 value)
      - Lehighton High Rise Tenants Assoc, monetary donation. ($100 value)
      - Laura Bailey, monetary donation. ($100  value)

  • 01/21/09 - Winter Concert
    The Winter Concert was a success.
      The Lehighton Boys and Girls Band finally got to perform their Winter Concert after many postponements due to weather.
      The nearly two dozen students performed a variety of arrangements to the delight of the fifty or so people who attended the performance.  Among the selections played were Bravada; by Jerry Nowak, Cantilena; by Jared Spears, Valse Triste; by Jean Sibelius and arranged by Wally Johnson, Two Sketches for Band; by John Edmondson, Reuben and Rachel; a traditional song arranged by John Kinyon, and the 1812 Overture by Peter Tchaikovsky and arranged by Andrew Balent. 
      After the performance, refreshments were served, and the audience mingled with the performers.