Lehighton Boys and Girls Band Inc.

a non-profit, 501(c) organization

197 N. 6th St., Lehighton, PA 18235
office (610) 377-1860

...providing quality, low cost, private and ensemble musical instruction
to Lehighton and surrounding communities since 1910.

Wish List

All organizations have many things that they would like to acquire, fix, or improve.  We are no different.  We present here our wish list of items that we would love to have donated in part or full.  We are appreciative of any donations that come in.  If you see something on this list that you would like to donate, or at least contribute toward, please let us know.  If you are contributing to something on the list, then make sure that we earmark your donation toward that project or item.

Boys and Girls Band Hall Wish List Items

  • Handicap accessible bathroom remodel
  • Insulated Windows for the lower level space
  • Electrical Work for the lower level space
  • Improvements to the kitchen area
  • General Painting
  • Replace/Reshingle the roof
  • New, or gently used, band instruments
  • Paving for the parking lot
  • Suggestion of a Wish

Lehighton Boys and Girls Band wishes to thank the following for their generous contributions:

  • Activities Unlimited, Inc.
  • Lehigh Fire Co
  • Mr. Louis Bronco
  • Manny DaCosta
  • Michael Hickman
  • Brianna Keiser
  • John Kreitz
  • Henry Long, Jr.
  • Lester Miller
  • Mr. Michael Muffley
  • Rheiner & Breiner; CPA Services
  • Texas Instruments
  • James Wentz
  • Richard Zimmerman

Contributions to help defray the cost of any of the items on the list are greatly appreciated.  Please indicate the project to which the funds should be allocated.